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AUT African Association

AUT African Association aims to increase African students’ access to tertiary and continuing education in New Zealand by reaching large numbers of students and professionals in multiple sites simultaneously. We strive to guide African students succeed by working closely with the African Communities Forum Inc (ACOFI), AUT UniversityAuckland Student Movement at AUT (AuSM) and other likeminded governmental and non-governmental organisations. AUTASC provides, workshops, mentoring and social activities.

Contact:     Hana
Email:         autafricanclubexec@gmail.com

AUT Chinese Student Association

Our mission is to serve the university students who are interested in Chinese culture or with a Chinese background as international students

Contact:     Jacky
Email:         jackywang9403@outlook.com

AUT Cook Island Student Association

Contact:     Ngariki
Email:         autcookislandassociation@gmail.com

AUT Fijian Association

Auckland University of Technology Fiji Students Association is determined to become a successful association that not only brings our vibrant culture back to life. But also strives to help our Fijian community at AUT. We want to build a team of future leaders, a strong foundation of faith in one’s self and encourage people to take on challenges with an open mind and to achieve the best.

Contact:     Kasanita
Email:        kasanitabilitaki@outlook.com

AUT Indonesian Student Association

AUT Indonesian Students Association is a cultural club for Indonesian students, particularly those who are currently studying in AUT University. We provide social and cultural support for Indonesian student as well as showcasing our highly diverse culture to New Zealand and the world. We also facilitate communication between the AUT Indonesian students and broader Indonesian student network in Auckland: PPI Auckland (Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia Auckland – the Auckland Indonesian Students Association).
Our activities include the regular gathering (BBQ/picnic, movie night or sports), student discussion, Independence day celebration and participation in cultural events like in the University or broader communities in Auckland. Apart from that, we are open for collaboration to make events together with other similar organisation such as ASEAN communities and others.

Contact:     Yuris
Email:         ppinz.Auckland@gmail.com

AUT Japanese Support Team

AUT Japanese Support  Team provide and support for incoming students and current students.

Contact:     Sayuri
Email:         youkosoaut@gmail.com

AUT Malaysian Student Association

Contact:     Mei
Email:         masa2014.aut@gmail.com

Melanesian Students Group

Contact:     David
Email:         david.firisua@gmail.com

AUT Niuean Association 

“Fakalofa lahi Atu! (Hello!) Behold students of AUT! Behold students of the World! Wassup lah? 😛 (Lah = bro) Here at AUT, the AUT Niuean Student Association aims to provide the retention and success of its members in all areas possible as well as promoting the Niuean culture and language to all. We as an association take great pride in our Culture and heritage however, we also have fun and exciting non-cultural activities throughout the year! This association is for all students, of all ages and backgrounds so basically all the above. So, if you would like to experience Niuean culture, speak ‘a fresh’ Niuean language, have a good time at uni and love to socialise then you are most welcome, ‘lah’. Fakaaue lahi 🙂 (Thank you)

Contact:     Dorra
Email:         sifaline.met@gmail.com

AUT Samoan Association

Contact:     Piuti
Email:         autssa@gmail.com

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Saudi Club

The Saudi Students Association Club at AUT University (SSAC@AUT) is a student organisation sponsored by the Saudi Cultural Mission in New Zealand to represent Saudi students who study at AUT University. We aim to support students by organising social events, sport activities and exhibitions. We’re always ready to help Saudi students if they are having difficulties inside or outside AUT University. Also, SSAC@AUT is an organization for members of the Auckland community who are interested in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Contact:     Saad
Email:         ssac.aut@gmail.com

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AUT Thai Student Association

Contact:     Sansanee
Email:         schantha@aut.ac.nz

AUT Tongan students Association

Contact:     Fui
Email:         xlocke@live.com

AUT Vietnamese Association

We are a small group of AUT students, who came from Vietnam to New Zealand to learn and experience Kiwi’s life as well as helping new Vietnamese comers every year to study in AUT. We also try to provide and sharing our knowledge to them, making events and workshop that might be helpful in our friends study journey and also it is a way for us to learn and support our community in New Zealand in general and Auckland in specific.

Contact:     Tuan
Email:        phantuan0594@gmail.com

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Contact:     Raisa
Email:         infredaraisa@gmail.com

Kiwi-Asian Club

The Kiwi Asian Club is a club for everyone on and off campus!
KAC is a social, cultural and sporting club, with plenty of weekly events on during the year covering all these aspects. With weekly sports and cultural sessions and our main event on the weekends, we are one of the most active clubs at the University.
The club hopes to foster long-lasting friendships and celebrate the cultural diversity among students in New Zealand. We provide the ultimate network of friends and welcome everybody of any social and cultural background. If you’ve only just joined KAC, don’t be worried! The  club puts on team-based events for people to meet each other, and we have new members attending every week. Our old members will be more than happy to show you the ropes, and our friendly Exec team will help you along the way.
In 2012, KAC proudly won the awards for the AUSA General Club of the Year and the AUSA Supreme Club of the Year.

Contact:     Leanne Lee
Email:         llee522@aucklanduni.ac.nz 

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Titahi Ki TUA
Māori Student Association

Titahi ki TUA offers Māori students an opportunity to meet and interact with other AUT Māori and non-Māori students in and outside of class.  During Semester titahi ki tua provides an overnight stay at the AUT Marae every Wednesday (during semester).  The evening includes dinner, study or kapa haka.  This year the kapa haka group opened the new WG building  performed at the Blues Sports Awards and various other events outside of AUT.
Apart from the dinner and kapa haka, TKT were had an ice skating, bowling and movie night which took place during semester.  This gave students the opportunity to have fun after their exams or assignments were complete.  In conclusion, titahi ki tua makes university a much easier place to complete academic studies and also create new friendships with other Māori and non-Māori students of AUT.

Contact:     Pohoira
Email:         pohoiraiopata@gmail.com

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