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ADAPT (AUT Drama and Performance Theatre Club)

Actor? Poet? Beatboxer? Improvisor? Comedian? or just plain expressive? The AUT Drama and Performance Theatre (Club) wants you! So here’s the calling to anyone wanting to hit the stage again and strut whatever it is they love. ADAPT is a club aimed merging stage performance types into humorous, emotional performances along with chances to showcase talents and learn new ones.

ADAPT has two classes a week, one for project work and the other for theatre sports and games so whichever level of intensity you’re looking for we will be able to accommodate. Head to the Facebook Page for more information and updates about events.

Contact:     Blair
Email:         adapt.aut@gmail.com

Anime Club

Contact:     Erica
Email:          animeclub.aut@gmail.com

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AUT Acapella Group

This is a club where we practice singing, have fun and make friends!
New members are always welcome 🙂

Contact:     Cheryl
Email:         autacapella@gmail.com

AUT Airsoft Club

What is Airsoft? Airsoft is an honor sport where players eliminate each other via BB bullets a round 6mm plastic pellets fired from replica firearms called Airsoft guns.

A.A.C is New Zealand’s only University based Airsoft club. A.A.C’s primary role is to introduce new, inexperienced players as well as veterans that are interested in the sport of Airsoft, while providing a safe and fun environment to play in. We may serve as the boot camp, the training ground for the sport of Airsoft, to those interested in playing for the Nationals and Internationals.

Contact:     Belinda
Email:          belzowen@gmail.com

AUT Dance and Performance – HORIZON

Do you like to groove to your own rhythm then look no further than the Horizon.ADP. We are a bunch of students who like to dance and socialize. No matter what your level whether it be “ I can bob from side to side” to “ I know how to make it work work work work work” we want to hear from you! Not only do we offer free dance classes but we also have social events so you can meet new people if dancing isn’t quiet your thang J Head over to our Facebook page and see what events we have coming up or email us with any of your questions! 🙂 We hope to meet you soon! 😀

Contact:     Ashley
Email:         horizon.adp@gmail.com

AUT NZ Sign Language

Have fun practicing NZSL in a fun social environment

Contact:     Cheryl
Email:         autnzslclub@gmail.com

AUT Scholars Society

The AUT Scholars Society Exec exists to create a range of opportunities for not only Scholarship students but all AUT students to take part in. The Exec team aims to provide students with enriching events and activities that will help them to make the most of their academic and social lives whilst studying at AUT.

Contact:     Hannah
Email:         autssexec@gmail.com

AUT’O Bots – AUT Robotics Club 

AUT’O Bots is a new student-run robotics club that aims to introduce students to robotics through friendly competition. We will be running workshops and robotics competitions for all skill levels.

If you are interested and want to know when we have any upcoming meetings or events just sign up.

Contact:    Liam
Email:        aseautobots@gmail.com 

Humanitarian Club (Human Rights)

Welcome to the AUT Humanitarian Club.

We are so pleased that you are joining us and taking an interest in human rights. We are looking forward to seeing you at one of many events this year!

We are a student body devoted to promoting human welfare, equal opportunity, and equality for all women, men, and children. The objectives of the AUT Humanitarian Club include:

  • Raising awareness for human rights issues, and providing practical solutions
  • Establishing an open platform for students to connect with other like-minded individuals about topics that are relevant to them
  • Providing a safe and supportive network for students who are interested in exploring humanitarianism and human rights, without fear of judgment
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages students to be confident within AUT and their communities
  • Establishing and developing students’ communication and leadership skills
  • Creating networking opportunities within the university, local community, regional, and national areas

We would love to meet you all and would encourage you to bring along anyone who may also be interested in the AUT Humanitarian Club. If you have further queries, please forward them to Fatima.

Make sure you like our Facebook Page to stay up to date on news and upcoming events.

Contact:     Fatima Uddin
Email:         fatima.wardak@hotmail.com

K Pop Club AUT

Hi~! We’re KCAUT -AUT’s first and only K-POP club.
K-POP is a musical genre that consists of pop, electronic, hip-hop, RnB, rock, and other popular style of music, originating in South Korea. It has also become widely recognized as “blanket” category for other forms of Korean Pop sub-cultures such as film, television, fashion, food, and the Korean culture itself, among teenagers and young adults throughout all of Asia; and has recently become a global phenomenon.
Although the K-POP influence is still relatively small in New Zealand, the fanbase has grown exponentially in the last few years; resulting in K-POP concert being held in New Zealand, and Korean idols acknowledging their Kiwi fans.
Our aim is to create a welcoming, fun and safe space that promotes and celebrates the unique interest in Korean Pop Culture through various social events and gatherings.
If you’re an avid fan, or you’ve heard of it and you’re wanting to see what all the fuss is about, then join our club and dive head first into the colourful world of Korean Pop Culture.

Contact:     Trezanah
Email:        kpopclub.aut@gmail.com

Light Up – Musical Network @ AUT

Light Up’s purpose is to improve and bring the AUT student community together through music.

In doing so by valuing the idea of music as a vessel for the betterment of a student intellect; discipline; emotional quotient and expression of one’s identity and personality

Contact:     Wayne
Email:         luautmn29@gmail.com


Contact:     Liz
Email:         elizabethkimpollock@gmail.com

Off Grid – AUT Outdoor Club

An AUT club dedicated to getting outside and off-the-grid in an awesome environment, learning new activities with like minded explorers.

Contact:     Amelia
Email:         offgrid.aut@gmail.com

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Out@AUT is a club which provides support to people who identify as part of, but not limited to the rainbow community within a friendly and accepting environment. It is open to anyone affiliated with Auckland University of Technology, whether they are a student, alumni, friend or Whānau of a club member(s), regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. Out@AUT aims to encourage growth for members who are part of the rainbow community along with providing support and help to members who identify as part of the rainbow community. It also aims to provide education around issues faced by those who identify as part of the rainbow community, as well as their friends, support people and Whānau.

Contact:     Blair
Email:         outataut01@gmail.com

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Parents on Campus @ AUT

Parents attending/working for AUT working together to support each other while studying

Contact:     Jessica
Email:         jessobrown@gmail.com

Soul Café

SoulCafe is a club dedicated to creating open and comfortable spaces for people to come together, make friends, and dicuss interesting topics relevant to us as university students and the future of our society. Each week the theme for dicussion will vary and include topics such as Music, Influence and Power, Success, Consumerism and the role of Media. We will also have good music, food and some games.
Who should join? SoulCafe is open to everyone from different faculties, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. The more diversity the better 🙂 SoulCafe is suited for anyone who would like to make friends, increase their network of awesome people, and want to have interesting conversations on issues in society and our role in building a better world.
Key Club Events in 2017: For club events check our Facebook page and don’t hesitate to email us
Membership fee – It’s FREE

Contact:     Maya
Email:         soulcafeauckland@gmail.com
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Sustainable Aotearoa

AUT’s approach to sustainability has so far focused on transport, energy and waste. Success in these areas has been achieved by implementing initiatives such as:

  • An alternative transport programme that incentivises staff to relinquish their parking and travel to work using more sustainable transport rather than a single occupancy car
  • Energy efficient lighting and boiler upgrades
  • Painting roofs white to reduce heat gain within buildings
  • Introducing worm farms within the School of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Recycling systems that enable staff and students to responsibly recycle plastic, paper, cardboard, glass and cans.

Looking forward, AUT is looking at water efficiency measures, promoting Fairtrade and continuing to progress other waste reduction initiatives. Click here to see more.

Contact:     Gabrielle
Email:         gabrielle.message@outlook.com

Veda Club

The Veda Club serves healthy, tasty, vegan lunches on campus at an affordable price.
We also share Yoga knowledge from the Vedas (ancient wisdom of India) through discussions, which have the goal of increasing awareness of a healthy balanced, compassionate lifestyle.
Choose to relax through our Hatha yoga classes provided.

Contact:     Megan
Email:         vedaclubAUT@gmail.com